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FLOX® - energy technology systems

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recuperative burners

Dedicted for landfill gas combustors

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Recupertive burner

Highly efficient heat recovery

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B2H - Green Hydrogen
from Biogas

Turn key plants for steam reforming

5-40 kg/h of green Hydrogen

Landfill gas combusiton Systems

Methane concentrations in landfill gases typically decline significantly when suction of gas in landfills is continued in due form after closure of the landfill. The desired or undesired aerobisation of the landfill is the reason for this decline. In practical operation this often leads to compromises in landfill gas management, as state of the art appliances (engines, flares) are limited to relatively high minimum CH4 concentrations in the landfill gas. This leads to an incomplete gas collection and undesired emissions from the landfill body. This is no longer necessary with the e-flox DGV process. This process allows the save and complete extraction of landfill gases and the continuous transformation of the landfill to aerobic digestion until the end of the active landfill gas management.

e-flox provides combution systems which allow to treat even very low grade landfill gas with a high efficiency on both, oxidation of hydarocarbons and recovery of waste heat. This makes it a perfect tool to treat the landfill gas of old landfills. Landfill gas combustion plant from e-flox are well established in Europe.