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FLOX® - energy technology systems

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recuperative burners

Dedicted for landfill gas combustors

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Recupertive burner

Highly efficient heat recovery

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B2H - Green Hydrogen
from Biogas

Turn key plants for steam reforming

5-40 kg/h of green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen from Biogas by steam reforming integrated in the container

Scalable biogas plants offer a base load capacity for hydrogen production. They are CO2-neutral or even have a negative CO2 balance if they use waste materials such as manure as feedstock for biogas.

An efficiency of at least 60% allows very good use of the energy contained in the biogas. Electrolysis plants only achieve an efficiency of 20% when using biogas (cogeneration). With this improvement, bioenergy can be a step in the energy transition to a hydrogen economy.


Container plant for 100kg/d of hydrogen close to comissioning at our site in Renningen/Germany.